Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Necklace Organization

Necklaces are hard to store no matter what.  I don't have many because I am too self-conscious about my thyroidectomy scar.  Now that my scar is getting less noticeable I would like to get more as I am able.  Storage in a jewelry box is just too dark, cubbie slots seem to tangle.  I was browsing around the web and found these great solutions.

What is your favorite?

A Vinyl wall decal of a Willow branch with tacks to hold the necklaces, how awesome is that?  Art and practicality combined!

A toilet paper/paper towel holder turned jewelry organizer.

Fashion knobs of your choice.

A curtain rod and shower curtain hooks.  Very clever!

Re-purpose a cutlery tray.

So, How do you store your necklaces?