Friday, July 22, 2011

Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

As a working mom of six I have had MORE than my share of garbage duty!  I cannot possibly count the times strings have torn out or the stupid bag has played a game of hide and seek sinking down into the abyss of the nastiness and stickiness of the foul smelling garbage can! YUCK!  Not any more!!

I buy these bags at Sam's Club. They cost ($9.95 per box of 150) so they are a good deal but most of all-- THEY WORK!!! No tearing, no drooping!

Disclaimer: I was not provided this item for review purposes.  This items is something I feel confident about and choose to purchase for my own family of eight!

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  1. Good to hear your experience about the Garbage bags, will try it.

  2. Thanks Dumpster Dude. It is amazing how those little things can really aggrivate me.


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