Friday, July 8, 2011

Jiffy Cornbread Mix: A Review

I am a frugal working mom of six.  I also love convenience.  I am not very brand conscience except for on a few things I will gladly share so here will be a series of some of my favorite products, including the brand.  (I was not supplied with any of these products for review.  I buy each of these products for my own home and my own family!)
Jiffy Cornbread Mix
     Cornbread is so easy and cheap  to make that buying a mix makes no sense at all.  I have all of the ingredients in my pantry at this exact  moment.  I also have about four boxes of Jiffy Cornbread Mix too!  It just tastes great and I can make so many different things from it!
     I have tried other brands, even much more expensive brands, but I always come back to Jiffy.  Always.  It tastes good and it’s convenient. It tastes good because it contains lard (pig fat), everyone who knows me knows I adore the beast!
     I use Jiffy for:  muffins, pancakes, Hush Puppies, cornbread (I add leftover corn nuggets to mine and always prepare in a cast iron skillet, no less than two boxes), cornbread – chili casserole, meat breading (I batter my chicken in a mixture of Jiffy Cornbread mix and flour, mmm).
     Want some recipe ideas?  Here is my World's Best Chicken Strips Recipe: