Friday, June 24, 2011

Dinner For Busy Moms: A Review

Dinner For Busy Moms
Jeanne Muchnick Plain White Press

My Thoughts: As a working mom of six dinner time can always be.... challenging! I personally have always insisted of dinner as a family. This book is not a cookbook it is a tool to help the reader get back to the basics of eating at home. Muchnick gives tips from reading ingredient labels, meal planning, dealing with picky eaters (we all have those!) and much, much more.

If your family struggles to “get together” for dinner this is the perfect book for you! Muchnick will give you great ideas to get started. I love all the facts and figures throughout the book. I highly recommend Dinner For Busy Moms as a wonderful addition to any library!

Publishers Synopsis: Study after study proves time spent gathered at the kitchen table is a significant way to strengthen family bonds. Yet, in our time crunched world, how do we fit the “goal” of what we know we should do into our crazy, busy reality? This is not a cookbook but a strategy guide filled with expert advice from moms just like you. And yes, take-out counts.

Learn how to:
Turn off the TV and get back to the table (without a revolt)
“Shop” your pantry
Buy smarter – and save money
Nourish kids of all ages
“Feed” your soul (aka eat in peace)
Foolproof recipes to get you started
Hundreds of ways to answer the question “What’s for Dinner?”

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this e-galley for review purposes, free of charge, from NetGalley ! No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. This Review is my honest opinion.