Monday, May 16, 2011

The Well Behaved Child: A Review

The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works
John Rosemond
Thomas Nelson

My Thoughts: As a working mom of six I would love to take away some wonderful piece of parental advice to make my life easier. This book may help first time parents who are trying to get their bearings about how to discipline. A more “experienced” parent, like myself, may not gain anything from the old school methods explained in this book. Rosemond is also very critical to anyone who might not agree with his methodology.

I do agree wholeheartedly that every parent must find his/her own parenting “voice”. This is something a lot of parents struggle with. Rosemond supports a very stern, strict, strong hand in child rearing. But there are softer ways of teaching consequences. I believe a more nurturing approach is best.

Not my cup of tea. I do not recommend this book. I give this book only two stars out of five.

Publisher’s Synopsis: The biggest frustration felt by today's parents is in the area of discipline. Family psychologist, best-selling author, and parenting expert John Rosemond uses his thirty-six years of professional experience working with families to develop the quintessential "how to" book for parents. Rosemond's step-by-step program, based on biblical principles, traditional parenting approaches, and common sense, covers a wide range of discipline problems applicable to children from toddler to teen.

Disclaimer: I am a BookSneeze Book Reviewer and received my copy in return for reviewing it. This post relates my own unbiased opinions and experience with it. Yours may differ.