Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

I am a lipstick girl.  Well, actually I am makeup minimalist but I like a touch of color on my lips but the sticky glossy stuff is just nasty,  so I was extremely excited to try the new Cover Girl Lip Stain.

I am a working mom of six and watching my spending is extremely important to me.  I splurged on this one and may I say... WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! Major disappointment.

I take the safety seal off to see a precision tip,that looks like a Crayola Marker, and it smells like a Scented Crayola Marker.

I go ahead and try to evenly color in my lips, but it just seems too light and the tip dries. I squeeze the marker (lipstain) and nothing happens. I shake it, turn it upside down, let it rest upside down with the cap on and nada, nothing, zip! Finally after about ten minutes I try again and it works. I gave it about ten coats so I see a little color. Okay, I am sorta satisfied. Maybe it was just having trouble because it was new.  I look in the mirror ten minutes later– GONE!!!! What a WASTE!  There were tiny blotches and a faint lipliner outline, but that's about it. Advertised as "A lightweight flush of cover that won't smudge or budge" I expected it to stay put as promised. It did not.  I trashed it after repeating this process for about three days.

Cover Girl you let me down!!