Thursday, May 20, 2010

Piggy Paint

Non-toxic, odorless, water-based, hypo-allergenic Nail Polish and Remover? Yeah, right! Okay, I will try it. My three girls will put Piggy Paint to the test. When I received this product for review my three girls went WILD! We were gifted a yellow polish and a bottle of polish remover. All three girls LOVED the polish. There was absolutely no offensive odor at all. None, nope, nada. I was very impressed. The polish lasted as long as regular polishes too.

What impressed me the most was the polish remover! No smell at all! It was awesome! And safe to boot. I usually do not remove my little ones polish I let it wear off because of the chemicals and odor of the remover. This product is truly amazing. Non-toxic, odorless, water-based, hypo-allergenic how can it be any better than that? As a cancer survivor I am cautious what products we use, I can feel very confident with this product. From a mom of six to every mom out there...this is definitely worth it.

Stop by Piggy Paint and check out all of their colors and products.