Saturday, May 1, 2010


We usually form our opinions of others based upon our first impression or our first conversation. We even consider ridiculous things as clothing, vehicles, wealth, home, education and physical appearance. What makes a person a person? Things? Possessions? What kind of hair day it is? Another person’s misguided opinion? Silliness really.
When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 I had an epiphany. There is no possible way of understanding what another person is experiencing. Why do we get so impatient with people? Haven’t you needed compassion and a little leeway before? How critical we are effects all aspects of our lives.
When that old man in the car in front of you is dazing off after the light turns green, before you blare that horn in your rush to get somewhere 30 seconds faster just contemplate... What if.... If that was my father, grandfather, uncle... what if... he recently: lost his wife, was diagnosed with a fatal disease, sold his childhood home to pay for medical bills, learned that his child was dying. Really, we are clueless. But we all have been given compassion by our Father. Use it. Let it grow. Reach out in kindness, compassion and empathy. Love your neighbor. We are all human and frail. Let generosity and compassion start with our thoughts and spread to our actions.