Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hair Clippers

I cut 4 heads of hair at least once a month.... that's a lot of hair cutting for this mom of six. I go through a lot of cheap clippers. I just cannot bring myself to fork out the $120.oo at the beauty supply shop for just the clipper in addition to each size blade! Well we go through at least two sets of the cheap slippers a year, easy!
Yesterday, I bought the Wahl Color Pro hair cutting kit at Wal-Mart. The clipper combs are color coded for easy identification. The kids can remember their own colors! They worked great but I found a spray can of Wahl "Total Clipper Care" coolant, lubricant and cleaner that just made my day. I know it seems silly but this stuff works! It seems to be a lubricant mixed with compressed air or something but it blows out the debris between the blades and ... WOW! Anyhow. I know I am going on about something silly but this certainly simplified my haircutting last night. I did all four heads in half an hour! WOOT!