Friday, February 12, 2010

What’s Falling Apart Now

What now? Ugh. I am so tired! We work so much and now we have to make repairs on this rental house we are in (yes, I said WE have to make repairs). We just finished replacing the faucet (wrong one, of course, so we still have to cover up that hole in the sink over there) and installing the old (“new to us” dishwasher, Mrs. Landlady promised us a new dishwasher but took it and gave us her old one…uh huh) but now the oven is making a weird noise! What on earth! The timer is off. It is not even on! How on earth could it be humming like that? Ugh.. guess I will have to talk to Mrs. Landlady before I fix the oven too! Forget it! I will try to figure it out now! What on earth??? Josh! Look! It if the pedi-paws grandma gave us for the dogs! It’s here on the floor, on! Sheesh!

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  1. hahahahahaha! Tammy!

    You are cracking me up these days!

  2. There is a physics law, all matter tends toward disorder without an imput of energy.... I think womes knew this long before a scientist termed it a natural law. Maybe God set it up that was so we wouldn't get bored.


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