Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Potty Tots Training System

Potty Training Kit - Girl Version

Emily's little sister, Lilly, is starting preschool and doesn't know how to go potty. Emily comforts her sister by sharing a story of her experience in Miss Maggie's preschool class. Through colorful laminated charts, DVDs, songs, a book and even tattoos potty training can actually be fun! My two year old daughter and I have been working on potty training.

I love the six step chart walking her through going potty. She used to pitch a fit if her pants weren't completely off until she saw the little girls with their pants by their ankles. This even walks her through washing her hands. I was so excited when this arrived in the mail! It is beautifully packaged as well and came with a letter addressed to my child.

There is also a wonderful interactive web site we have frequented regularly. She can watch the videos, print out coloring sheets, and even a diploma. There are also great tips for parents as well including a newsletter. I was very impressed with this kit.

I am mother to six great kids and have done the potty training bit more than I care to remember! This actually makes it enjoyable!

The kit includes: • A story/guide book • Animated DVD -featuring three original Potty Tots songs and 2 bonus music videos • One 11"X17" Illustrated potty chart (easily wipes clean with damp cloth) • One 11"X17" “Toilet Bowl" progress/reward game with clings (easily wipes clean with damp cloth)

Notice: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.