Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If Mama Don’t Laugh, It Ain’t Funny: A Review

Written by Lucy Adams
Palm Tree Press

A copy of this humorous book was provided to me for review. Lucy Adams is a hoot. Adams is a syndicated humor columnist, web blog host and second grade teacher. She shares stories of her life and motherhood with us with such an entertaining flair. She turns the everyday humdrum of being a mom into laughter and joy. I am the mother of six children so I could definitely sympathize with many, many of her "experiences". I am certain though that non-moms would also appreciate her humor as well.

Here is a snippet from her story about burying their beloved pet Jimmy (the watermelon), "My spouse said a few words over the dissected: "Here rests Jimmy, red and green, put to pasture by the Queen of Mean. [I shot eye darts at him] Poor Jimmy, a life cut quick, by a woman who needed a Ginsu fix. [I glared] Okay. Sorry. Sorry," he chuckled. "Jimmy, we hate that you fell to pieces man."

Adams’ southern charm also comes out in "A Pig that Good," "Difficult Decisions" and "Oh, the Delirium of Summer." She also shares about marriage in "Rambling My Way to Purgatory." Short story after story will have you laughing...at least this mama was laughing.

 I was provided a free book from the publisher for my honest review.