Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rollie Pollies Galore

These pesky little guys nest like fire ants here and they are eating up my vegtable garden!!!

Related to lobsters, crabs, and shrimp, pill bugs breathe with gills and require a humid environment for survival. They inhabit cool, damp places under rocks, rotting wood, and other decaying vegetation.Their bodies consist of a head, thorax, and abdomen. The head has two antennae and simple eyes. The thorax has seven scaly segments, each containing one pair of legs. When threatened, pill bugs can curl up into a tight ball for protection.
After web searching I found this: Posted by Miah z7 TX (My Page)
We've had problems with Rollie Pollies too. My wife and I implemented what we learned from the Dirt Doctor's book and it is working great! Set out small containers (we used small coffee cups) in the problem areas. Place the cups down in the ground so that the brim is at or barely above ground level. Boil water with two packets of yeast in a medium-sized pot to dissolve the yeast. Pour the yeast solution (FYI - you can use beer also, but the yeast packets are really cheap) into the cups. Put covers over the containers to keep rain water (yard water) and other elements from diluting the solution. We used small cheap water retainers that you put below small pots and put a few rocks on top of the retainers to keep them from blowing away. You'll get rid of pesty snails, rollie pollies and beatles (but not lady bugs). And if you have a lot you need to get rid of quick, Seven dust works great.
I hate to kill the little guys but hey ---- this garden was ALOT of work!!!