Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rescue Horses

My sister is a horse rescuer. Here's her latest endeavor!

Here are the pictures of the 4 horses I took in today. As you can see, they really need feeding and vet work. The lady that gave them to me, doesn't know the ages of them as she rescued them from various sources herself. The black morgan mare was in a barn fire a year ago and has been through 3 owners since then. She will not be going anywhere. The other 3 will be adoptable as soon as they are ready. It will probably be 3 to 6 months though. One is a Quarter horse gelding. One is a anglo-arab mare. The third is a Saddlebred mare. If you can contribute to vet care or hay for these horses please let me know. My website is, email is Hay costs $85 per roll and they will need 2 rolls per month. Initial vet treatment will be about $200 per horse plus recommended follow up care. Dental work will be $200 per horse and they will probably all need it.