Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Thursday

So, Thursday I was off. My Dad had surgery so I had Kiera all day and we spent a lot of it on errands. We went to eat lunch with Daddy at work then we went grocery shopping, etc. Came home, made dinner, girls in the tub while I wash dishes and the HOT WATER IN THE TUB WON'T TURN OFF!!! Filling up and filling up. Girls getting hot. Full blast temperature on water heater ALL THE WAY UP. Thing is the stopper is in and it is HOT HOT HOT. I get the girls out but the water is beginning to overflow and there are NO, I REPEAT NO shut off valves in the entire house!!! What kind of Moro......

Outside to find the water meter. Overfilled with rainwater, took serious GUTS to stick my hand in there I must say!! Kudos to Tammy there. I just knew there was a water moccasin in there. Tub over flowing, running in and out in the rain and mud to bail. Back outside. Lovely water company installed the valve at an angle so the wrench is of absolutely NO USE. Of Course! Scream and holler a bit, Frantically call for help. My poor Dad & Mom on their way over with a water wrench, which will be of no use, only hours after Dad had surgery.

Finally get out the stopper so no more bailing with the trashcan to the toilet. After a few choice words and soaked and muddy Josh appears.......we bail out the water meter hole, AGAIN. It kept refilling due to the tremendous amount of rain we have had. I go back inside to clean up the bathroom some and (under my breath) catch the butt naked toddler from the running around the front yard on a busy highway FOR THE FIFTH TIME I MAY ADD!

YAY JOSH!!! He got the water off!! WOO HOOOOO! I'm standing in the tub cleaning up and the shower starts to FLOW!!!! Awe COME ON! Oh...ooops..."MOM & DAD!" Back outside again. My poor Dad got the valve working too but then had to turn it back off again. Josh back to the rescue. Jeesh!

So Mom & Dad take two of the kids back to their house for showers. The rest of us follow. As we are fixing to leave Garit runs inside saying the car is on fire!!!! WHAT NOW!!??!! Miranda + Fire Extinguisher = MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay Miranda back into the shower and the car is coated on the inside with white powder! GRRRR. Thank GOD that day is over!!!

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