Monday, March 16, 2009


I didn’t have time to say “Happy Birthday” to Kiera like I’d like so here it goes (a little late).


Happy Birthday Sweetie. You and I have been through A LOT since you were conceived. You fought cancer with me before you were even born. We had surgery together. We made you come into this world a little early so I could begin chemotherapy and radiation. You were such a very, very good baby. You snuggled with me through my chemo downs. You accompanied me to all of my appointments and all the nurses and doctors completely fell in love with you. You came to almost all 38 radiation treatments with me and stayed with the nurses and receptionists while I had my treatment….they actually fought over who got to watch you! All five of your siblings completely adored you and still do.

You really have completed our family. I cannot imagine my life without you! You are a sweet, adorable awesome, little angel. Daddy and I are so happy you have come into our lives. We
Love You Kiki!

Mommy, Daddy, Josh, Garit, Nathan, Miranda and Abbie