Monday, December 8, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Well, it looks like we may be moving out of state which means---MASSIVE FLINGING!!

Just today alone I filled up the entire bed of a full size pick up truck with clothes, dishes and STUFF. I can not believe how much I discarded!! I'm so jazzed! Even if we don't wind up moving it still needs done. I went through my laundry room, kitchen and my bedroom. Yesterday I did all but one drawer of the filing cabinet! Everything gone! No more ugly filing cabinet.. yippee! I got rid of a whole laundry basket full of VHS tapes too.
I still need to tackle all of the children's clothes...definitely NOT looking forward to that! I think I'll do the toddler's room tomorrow (Tuesday) then onto the bath and older two daughters' room. I'm a little nervous to deal with the three boys room!
Sorry but I didn't even THINK about taking pictures. I sure should have! I've been at it for eleven hours and don't seem to be able to stop! Flinging is addictive! ONWARD!!