Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's time for Not Me! Monday! I am an imperfect mama and it does a body good to admit that! To that end, I hereby declare...

I did NOT have to take our cat to be put down Saturday. Not Me!
I did NOT lie and say he was a stray because I couldn't afford the fee. Not Me!
I did NOT scream and yell my Josh's name while he was marching in the parade. Not Me!
I did NOT drive arount to the END of the parade to embarrass Josh again and rack up more candy! Not Me!
I did NOT serve funnel cakes for dinner last night. Not Me!
I did NOT get stressed out COMPLETELY and have yes TWO hissy fits in one day over all this legal rigamaroll regarding moving. Not Me!
I AM not sitting here typing a post ans not ready to take Kiera to speech in FIVE MINUTES!!! BYE!!! Not Me!

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