Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's A Hickie

Tonight Kevin got off of work around 10 pm. We stood together on the front porch for a while talking under the Christmas Lights. Ten he leans over to me and asked me what was on my neck. I said it was just my scar from having my thyroid removed. He said "No Tammy, it's a hickie!"

"No Way Kevin!" I say.

"Come on I'll show you." So we walk into the bathroom and I look in the mirror and low and behold HE'S RIGHT!!!

"UH! I have no idea! Really! I'm clueless! " Then I start laughing uncontrollably. "Seriously Kevin, you've GOT to be kidding me! Maybe Kiera did it somehow. I honestly have no idea!" I keep laughing at this point. Then I remembered taking out the trash a few moments before and wash my hands....then rub my neck again. I rubbed the hickie right off! MARKER!!!! Kiera colored my neck in a PERFECT HICKIE! Oh Geez...what a laugh we had!!!!!!

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  1. That's so funny.

    And that phrase "low and behold" my mom says that! It's so funny.


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