Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Book Review: Holding Fast

Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy
By Karen James

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I was afraid it was going to be too sad, I was actually a bit nervous when I ordered it. Karen James is an excellent writer and I was very impressed on how well she wrote her story. I'm certain it was a difficult process.

This book is indeed a "heart jerker". I felt like I was able to know the family and feel like I was actually a part of the entire process that Karen and her family went through. It was actually an inspiring story, surprisingly so.

I believe that when our souls connect in love and through faith, the ones who go before us never really leave our side. If I remain still enough and pray for God to comfort me, I am filled with the wonderful, memorable joy of my husband's love.
I won't share my absolute favorite quote in the book with you you'll have to read it to get that one. Karen James was, and is, a truly blessed woman and she knows it and she has shared it with all of us so each of us can find hope and faith.

Did I say that this was an excellent book? Well it is! GO GET IT!!!! I am actually inspired to do a little research and actually drop the author a note of appreciation for sharing her heart with me.