Monday, November 24, 2008

TT: Toymania

I haven't done a "Tackle" in a while because I've been too busy Tackling! Yes, really!
Today I was going to sort through the three girls toys in their room. It was a gorgeous 68 degrees outside though in bright sunny Florida, so I had this noble idea of literally dumping all the toy boxes out in the front yard and sick them to the sorting themselves. (They are out of school for Fall Break this week.) I get stifled when I'm in their room and there isn't enough room and if I dump it all out in the Living Room like I usually do toys wind up all over the entire house!

So..I dumped out 4 bins of toys on the lawn and told the girls they had 15 minutes..pick up what they want that can fit in the largest bin and the rest are leaving the house. IT WORKED!!!! And the best part--I didn't have to do all the work! It's amazing how many of the three boys "toys" (which they are to old for in my humble opinion) were using vital space in the three girls' room. I will do it this way from now on!

See poor Sam? I've never gotten so attached to a cat but there's the poor guy!