Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TT - Daycares

I'm been touring day care facilities so I can go back to work.

Thirteen scary things to see or hear at a daycare:
  1. Screaming
  2. Hitting
  3. Biting
  4. Coughing literally EVERYWHERE
  5. Underwear on the floor
  6. Dirty sticky food on tables at 2:00 pm
  7. Injured kids waiting to be picked up
  8. An excess of toys
  9. Open doors
  10. One big room day cares
  11. Two toilet stalls in the entire facility
  12. No fences
  13. No playground
13 GOOD things to see in a daycare
  1. Schedules posted
  2. Kids napping
  3. Teachers making posters in their spare time
  4. Potty training in force
  5. Scripture memory verses
  6. Hugs
  7. Locked doors
  8. Fences
  9. Playgrounds
  10. Clean tables
  11. Relaxed teachers
  12. Genuine kindness
  13. Appreciation

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  1. I like you list. It really was interesting. I noted in your sidebar you are a breast cancer survivor! You go girl and keep on keeping on.

    My TT is up at 13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends

  2. I never did the daycare thing. We did preschool instead.

  3. Seeing injured kids about the place would make me look for another daycare immediately!

    Good list!

  4. I remember my search for nurseries for my daughter. It wasn't pretty but I found a great one in the end. Great list.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I'm tagging people that I want to learn more about. So I hop you come on over to my blog and participate. Let me know when you do it so I can read it okay.

  6. The first list sounds frightening girl! Yikes! I was lucky to have my cousin work for a daycare so I had an inside track on the place. It was well organized.

    Good luck finding a great place to keep watch of your kids!

    Do you have a new job yet?

  7. Great list. Some of the first list you listed would scare me, if I had a kid.

  8. Yeah, you're so right. Some of those things are totally scary. I'd much rather see things on your good things to see list.


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