Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hebrews 4:12

Hebrews 4:12

Whatever God says to us,
Is full of living power
It’s sharper than the sharpest knife
Cuts swift and deep to our innermost parts.
It shows us what we really are
Our soul is bare and nothing is hid
To Him we must answer
For all that we have done.

But Jesus, God’s Son, is our Priest
He goes before us to help us.
So never stop trusting in God’s Son
He understands for He’s walked that way too.
Come boldly to God’s great throne.
Find grace and mercy in times of need.
For Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Will lead you to His throne.

June 1979
I have always called the Bible, “The Manufacturer’s Handbook”. To really become familiar with how something works in its entirety and how to maintain it, we need to read the “handbook.” Who knows more about man than God, his Creator. It is through reading and studying His Word, daily where we find the answers to all our problems. It is through that Word that we are corrected when we go astray. The quicker we are in the Word, the quicker we can be corrected before we get into too much trouble.

Along with reading and studying God’s Word we must daily have some quiet time with Him. We need to make sure we don’t do all the talking. We need listening time. We need to learn to be honest with Him and ourselves about our thoughts, feelings and actions. He already knows them but we need to confess to ourselves and to Him so they are no longer hidden from our conscious minds. God does not condemn us for our weakness. His Son, Jesus, fully understands all that we face. When we come boldly before His throne in honesty with Him, and ourselves and with an understanding of His Word, it is then He can forgive, redeem and arm us to move on.

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