Thursday, October 23, 2008

What ever happened to Humility?

What is it with Pride anyhow! Where is humility in today's world. It seems every day humility is becoming a rare trait. What happened to repentance and compassion. All this one-upping is really getting old. Can you imagine how the Lord feels. Watching us, yearning to steer us in His pathway yet knowing our own false pride keeps us at a distance from him.

I try to instill the traits of humility and repentance in my children through my own standards and actions. I do not believe I am the least bit arrogant. Is it arrogant to make that statement? I acknowledge my faults. Well, some of them at least. I feel guilt when I know I'm in the wrong.
Some people seem to be so disconnected from reality and there is no standard left for them. At what point does your own self created version of reality become a prison out of which you cannot escape? Self-imprisonment. Worse yet, voluntarily separating yourself from God! Though not intentional this is the outcome.

When you speak inaccurately, you begin to believe it, explain it, encourage error and yes it grows and grows and grows. If only humility had it's hold it could bring you back from the edge. Realize that what you believe to be the truth actually isn't the truth, actually far from it!

I am certain no one ever intends to go down this pathway but once that first wrong turn is made, if you do not turn around and start weaving through the entanglement of error there is no way out, you are just lost! All it takes is acknowledgement that you are going down the wrong path and a very simple about face. That's not so hard is it. Well, it obviously is.

I have to continually battle to erase the damage this kind of attitude is inflicting upon my children. If I'm this tired of it I cannot believe how the Lord feels! What do you think about all of this? Is this a escalating problem? How do you handle it? I know--pray. I mean a more active role.