Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just love Freecycle, a local recycling group. I checked my e-mail on Saturday afternoon and saw a posting: Leftover Yard Sale Items. Since it was less than a mile away and I had the truck I figured I'd try to see if I could get it. Woo Hoo! I did!

When we arrived there was a stack of stuff (some in boxes) by the mailbox of this home. I decided to be nice and take all of it for her. (Goodwill is less than 3 miles from my house anyhow.) I was not very impressed with our new "stuff" while loading it into the truck.

We got back to the house and I began going through all of it I realized we acquired some very cool stuff, all for free! Here's some of the things we added to our home:

  1. Six pairs of coveralls that just so happen to fit Kevin (I've been looking for these at all the thrift stores! These alone were worth taking all the other junk to the Goodwill.)
  2. Two medium sized wool area rugs.
  3. Four glass candle sticks.
  4. Three decorative bowls.
  5. A wash basin and bowl.
  6. A skull cap for M.
  7. A few clothes for the baby.
  8. A very pretty shirt for M.
  9. Two pairs of play shoes for Ki.
  10. A tin for who knows what.
  11. A workout DVD (like I'll use it!)
  12. Two shirts for Kevin and a pair of dress slacks.
  13. A silver candelabra that the boys wanted (who knows!)
  14. A couple of other items I can't quite remember right now.

So, what do you think??? I did good didn't I? Do you freecycle?

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  1. i love freecycle too!

    my hubby and i had been wanting an old fashioned wooden trash can for years (his parents had one up north), but we never could find one. a few months ago, we found one on freecycle - a $70 amish built wooden, sturdy trash can - exactly what we had wanted! it was great!

  2. That is wonderful. But in my area not may post give aways mostly wants. My daughters area is great. She is having a baby girl in Jan 09. And she was able to find a good amount of things she will need.
    Have a great week

  3. We love Freecycle, too. I've even gotten zoo tickets. :D

  4. I just got a sewing machine for myself and a play kitchen for the kids yesterday. I also cleaned out my basement last week and sent a TON of stuff to new homes rather than the garbage dump! I love Freecycle!


  5. Way to go! I love freecycle for both giving away and getting things. I've gotten an Ethan Allen swivel rocker, rice cooker, cast iron pot with lid, pictures, and other things I'm not thinking of at the moment.


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