Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday/Talk About Tuesday

This last week one of my project was to debut a new Saturday photo meme called Exposed. I even created a button for it on photobucket. How'd I do?

Each Saturday I am going to select a photo from somewhere on the web that I find interesting for some reason. I will post a copy of it here, list how I found it and the reason why it intrigues me. Please feel free to join in by selecting your own photo and commenting on your own blog through Mr. Linky here! Just grab the button on the sidebar and add it to your post. And don't forget to link to the artist on your posting. Credit where credit is due! For guidelines and artwork please click here.

My personal photo selection for this week I found at Flickr, I searched for flame and this is the first one that touched me.

Click here or on the photo itself to link directly to the photo on Flickr. I think this is very artistic, smooth, flowing and natural with a very sensuous element. I also love that he used sepia tones on it. Tell me what you think and link to a photo you enjoy!

If you would like to join in next week or catch up by posting your own here last week's link here!

To see what others are tackling, be sure to check out 5minutesformom.com and also see what other bloggers are talking about at The Lazy Organizer

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  1. Cool! I ♥ photo memes - may have to play along!

  2. I love photos! TAKING THEM especially!! I just started a new meme too!


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